James B. Nutter is in hiding, I guess

I get spammy looking “refinance now” letters in the mail almost every day.  I’m in the process of a refi, so I usually open them to make sure it’s not somehow related to that.  Today’s letter wasn’t useless though — it had a great lesson inside. 🙂

It came from the office of “James B. Nutter & Company” and included a very “personal” letter.  At the end was a very poorly printed fake signature from Mr. Nutter himself.

At that point, I thought I’d call them out on Twitter on the xerox signature.  I know most of those companies do it, but that doesn’t make it right.  It’s cheap.

Except, “James B. Nutter & Company” aren’t on Twitter.

So I tried Facebook.  They aren’t on there either, but plenty of people were talking about them.  In one particularly interesting page, we learn the following:

  • It seems that Kelly’s house payment went up $138/month because they screwed up.
  • Same thing happened to Christy, and they never contacted her to help (hers went up $150/month).
  • Theresa thinks that seems a bit negligent on their part.
  • Nickie thinks they’re a bunch of “bastards”.
  • Jeremiah thinks they should both find someone else to use.
  • Connie agrees
  • Angie has the name and number of a great mortgage guy they can call.
  • A different Angie simply thinks that “Nutter sucks”.
  • Kristal sympathizes with them.

Nutter’s response?  Silence.

Odds of me ever possibly considering doing any kind of business with that company?  Zero.

Staying out of social media doesn’t mean that people won’t talk about you — it just means that you won’t hear it and you can’t do anything to fix it.

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